Early access drops March 6-8 for existing customers. Come grab it at our flagship retail store in Lexington, send us a DM on social media, give us a ring at the store or email us. Available for everyone March 9 10am. ONLINE, IN STORE, AND SODA CITY (weather permitting)

We spent weeks on the design/color synergies between the hat, rope, performance PVC patch, and side logo and we know YOU WILL LOVE IT. We sew patches, not glue - be confident in your hat and its lifetime warranty.

The design, sewing, and embroidery for the hat all occurs locally in our Columbia production facility. We think it's important invest in and hire from local residents. Be confident your hat purchase will make a positive impact for 4 different families from the Columbia, SC area.

Now with Rope accent

Classic richardson 112

The classic look and fit we have all come to expect with Richardson and the 112 is now available with a rope accent. We love how the color of the rope matches the patch and side logo. The rope really ties everything together PERFECTLY.

The performance PVC patch is so smooth, multi-dimensional and gives you a new edge over other hats in your collection. We sew it on with a machine, heat activated glues and adhesives don't lend well for a LIFTETIME WARRANTY.

what matters


The finest in detailed craftsmanship through an embroidered garnet with white trim Carolina side logo. The colors of the embroidery tie in AMAZINGLY with the rope and front patch.

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